Kerala PSC Questions:- 001

1. Who is the exponent of Kathakali ? 
Answer :- Kottarakkara Thampuran

2. Who wrote 'Angala Smrajyam'?
Answer :- A.R.Rajaraja Varma

3. Kumarakaom Bird Santuary is in the district of ?
Answer :- Kottayam

4. Mohiniyattam was evolved from ?
Answer :- Dasiyattam

5. The foundation stone of the Portuguese fort in Cochin was laid in ?
Answer :- 1502

6. Who served as MLA,MP,Speaker, Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister?
Answer :- C.H.Muhammad Koya

7. Who was the author of 'Eka Vazhi'?
Answer :- K.Damodaran

8. Which place is known as the birth palce of Ottan Thullal?
Answer :- Ambalappuzha

9. In which year St.Thomas is believed to have reached Kerala?
Answer :- AD 52

10. Who is regarded as the 'Father of Malayalam Journalism'?
Answer :- Chenkulathu Kunhirama Menon

11. The architect of the Kerala Education Bill introduced in 1957?
Answer :- Joseph Mundassery

12. The largest mural painting in Kerala?
Answer :- Gajendra Moksham

13. The first railway line in Kerala was started in ?
Answer :- 1861

14. The only leader who became a member in Kochi, Thiru-Kochi, Kerala Legislature and both Houses of Parliament?
Answer :- K.Karunakaran

15. Raja Ravi Varma, the first painter in Kerala to acquire international fame, passed away in ?
Answer :- 2nd October 1906

16. Oppana is a dance from performed by the women of ..... community?
Answer :- Muslim

17. The traditional architecture style of Kerala?
Answer :- Nalukettu

18. Who recomented for declaring President's rule in Thiru-Kochi when Panampally resigned in 1956?
Answer :- Sri Chitira Thirunal

19. In which year Swadeshabhimani K.Ramakrishna Pillai's book 'Karal Max' was published which was the first book about Marx in an Indian Language?
Answer :- 1912

20. Who was the first secretry of Yuktivadi Sangam?
Answer :- M.C.Josheph