Current Affairs April 2013 - 2

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1. Who is appointed as the Mission Director for the ambitious Direct Benefits Transfer(DBT) scheme?
Answer :- Sindhushree Khullar

2. Which ministry has recently launched the Ragiv Rinn Yojana (RRY)?
Answer :- Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation

3. The Changthangi or pashmina goat is found in which Indian State?
Answer :- Jammu & Kashmir

4.The Elephanta Cultural festival is organized by which State Government?
Answer :- Maharastra

5.The Union Budgect 2013-14 has pegged the fiscal deficit for the current year at which rate?
Answer :- 5.6 %

6. Which Indian was awarded SAARC Literature Award in 2013?
Answer :- Abhay.K

7.Who is the head of the 16-member committee set by SEBI to suggest new rules for dealing with insider trading?
Answer :- N.K.Sodhi

8. Recently, which country has successfully extracted natural gas from methane hydrate deposits under the sea, in the first example of production of the gas offshore?
Answer :- Japan

9. What is the expansion of IDR, which is an instrument for foreign companies to raise funds from the Indian Securities Markets?
Answer :- Indian Depository Receipt

10.What is the name of new version of Office Software launched by the Microsoft?
Answer :- Office 365

11. Who is the Chairperson of FSDC (Financial Stability and Development Council)?
Answer :- Finance Minister

12. Hago Chavez, who recently passed away was the president of which country?
Answer :- Venezuela

13. Key Resolve 2013 is the joint military exercise of which countries?
Answer :- United States and South Korea

14. What is the rank of India in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Development Report for 2013?
Answer :- 136th

15. Recently, which country has signed an accord with India to strengthen collaboration in the field of Earth Science and help improve forecasts about climate-related phenomena?
Answer :- United Kingdom

16. Recently, which film has picked up the Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin film festival?
Answer :- Child's Pose

17. Which festival is celebrated annually by the Sufi Musicians in New Delhi?
Answer :- Jahan-e-Khusrau festival

18. The world's largest biogas plant was inaugurated in which country?
Answer :- Finland

19. Which is first in India to receive Rs.25 lakh as carbon credits from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC)?
Answer :- Okhla composting plant [South Delhi Municipal Corporation's plant]

20. Recently, which ministry has launched e-PPS scheme?
Answer :- Union Ministry for Communication and IT