Constitution Of India - 005

1. What are the three wings of Government?
Answer :- Legislature, Executive and Judiciary

2. What are the two factors which influenced the formation of  Indian Constitution?
Answer :- 
a] The Government of India Act 1935
b] The Constitutions of Various Nations of the world

3. Which act gave the complete autonomy to the British, to elect Government in the Indian Province?
Answer :- The Government of India Act 1935

4. ".............. is a machine with strong breaks and no engine", according to Jawaharlal Nehru ?
Answer :- The Government of India Act 1935

5. Which day was chosen as the day for the enforcement of the constitution of India?
Answer :- January 26

6. In which session of Indian National Congress passed by the resolution of the "Complete Independence of the Country"?
Answer :- Lahore session in December 1929

7. The first independence day was celebrated in India on which day?
Answer :- $$26^{th}$$ January 1930

8. At present $$26^{th}$$ January is being celebrated India as the ............. day ?
Answer :- Republic Day

9. The Constitution of India consists of ......... of its adoptions
Answer :- 395 Articles, 8 Schedules and 22 Parts

10. At present the constitution of India consists of .........?
Answer :-  444 Articles, 12 Schedules and 22 Parts

11.The constituent assembly was set up by the proposal of whom?
Answer :-  Cabinet Mission

12. The constituent assembly, the constitution making body of India was formed in which year?
Answer :-  1946

13. What was the strength of the constituent assembly?
Answer :-  389 [comprising 296 representative from British India and 93 from Indian native states]

14. The constituent assembly was existing between .........?
Answer :-  From 1946 December $$9^{th} $$ to 1949 November $$26^{th}$$

15. Total number of days had been taken for the formation of Indian Constitution?
Answer :- 2 Year 11 Monts and 18 Days