Company Corporation Assistant Grade Question - 8

1.The national hockey team of which country is nicknamed as 'The Kookaburras'?
Answer : Australia

2. "KIMONO" is the dress style of ..........
Answer : Japan

3. The author of the book "The Wonder That Was India" is ?
Answer : A.L.Basham

4. LOTI is the currency of ?
Answer : Lesotho

5. The newspaper "DAWN" is published in ?
Answer : Karachi

6. International Women Day is observed on ?
Answer : March 8

7. The Head Quarters of World Health Organisation is in ?
Answer : Geneva [Switzerland]

8."An Area of Darkness" is written by ?
Answer : V.S.Naipaul

9. The Oscar winning film "Slumdog Millionaire " was written by?
Answer : Simon Beaufoy

10. Who is the author who created the character 'Sherlok Home's'?
Answer : Sir Arthur Conan Doyel

11. Human Right Day is celebrated on ?
Answer : December 10

12.'Road to Mecca' was written by ?
Answer : Mohammed Assad

13.What is known as 'Universal Fibre'?
Answer : Cotton

14. Who is the author of 'Barber's Trade Union'?
Answer : Mulk Raj Anand

15.Which river has the nickname of 'Scourage of the Sons of Han'?
Answer : Huang He [Yellow River]

16. June 9 is observed as the National Daughter's Day to commemorate the birthday of ?
Answer : Nandini Satpathy

17. Which countries national flag is also known as 'The Maple Leaf'?
Answer : Canada

18.Who was the first solicitor General of India?
Answer : C.K.Daphtary

19. Who is the author of 'A Mathematician's Apology'?
Answer : G.H.Hardy

20. What is known as 'The World Game'?
Answer : Football