PSC Physics Questions - 002

1. Fermionic condensate is ..... th form of matter.
Answer:- 6

2. Super cooled Fermi gas is form of matter.
Answer:- 7

3. Who discovered Doppler Effect?
Answer:- Christian Doppler

4.Amount of matter is measured in :
Answer:- Mole

5. NASA sent Phonenix mission to:
Answer:- Mars

6. Instrument used in submarines to view the surface of water?
Answer:- Periscope

7.The process of water becoming vapor is :
Answer:- Evaporation

8. The instrument that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is .....
Answer:- Dynamo

9. In an electric motor electrical energy is mainly converted to .....
Answer:- Mechanical energy

10. What will be the weight of a man on Moon, if he has 60Kg weight on Earth?
Answer:-10 Kg