PSC Economics Questions - 005

1. India conducted the first nuclear test during which Five Year Plan?
Answer:- Fourth

2. What is the period of the Eleventh Five Year Plan?
Answer:- 2007 - 2012

3. Name the Indian social scientist, whose formula was adopted for distribution of plan assistance during Fourth Five Year Plans?
Answer:- D.R.Gadgil

4. Indian Planning Commission is a ................. body?

Answer:- Advisory Body

5. Who is known as 'The Father of Indian Planning'?
Answer:- M.Visvesharayya

6. Who was the author of 'Planned Economy for India'?
Answer:- M.Visvesharayya

7. The Planning Commission of India came to being on .......?
Answer:- 15th March 1950

8. Name the economist who had conceptualized and drafted the first version of NREGA?
Answer:- Jean Dreze

9. Which is the oldest stock exchange in Asia?
Answer:- Bombay Stock Exchange

10. Bombay Stock Exchange was established in ..........?
Answer:- 1875