PSC Economics Questions - 003

1. Who was the first to calculate the national income of India?
Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

2. Who is known as 'the Father of Indian Economics'?
Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

3. Who is known as 'the Father of Indian Economic Reforms'?
Answer :- P.V.Narasinha Rao

4. What is India's major import item?

Answer :- Petroleum

5. Who was the Prime Minister of India to initiate Economic liberalisation in 1991?
Answer :- P.V.Narasinha Rao

6. Name the Finance Minister of India at the time of the Economic liberalisation in 1991?
Answer :- Dr.Manmohan Singh

7. Which country has the largest road network in the world?
Answer :- India

8. What was the former name of the State Bank of India?
Answer :- Imperial Bank of India

9. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India nationalised?
Answer :- 1 January 1949

10. How many banks were nationalised in 1969?
Answer :- 14