PSC Economics Questions - 002

1. By nominal GDP, the economy of India is the ..... largest in the world?
Answer:- 10th

2. What is the rank of the Indian economy by purchasing power parity (PPP) among the world nations?
Answer:- 3rd

3. India's Financial Year starts on ............?
Answer:- April 1st

4. Which sector accounts for about 57% of the Indian GDP?

Answer:- Service Sector

5. Which organisation calculates the Indian National Income?
Answer:- Central Statistical Organisation 

6. In which year was Imperial Bank of India nationalised and renamed as State Bank of India?
Answer:- July 1,1955

7. Which bank of Kerala was acquired by the SBI in 1985?
Answer:- Bank of Kochin

8. Which was the first Life Insurance Company of India?
Answer:- Oriental Insurance Company(1818)

9. Which was the first General Insurance Company of India?
Answer:- Triton Insurance Company Limited(1850)

10. In which year was the Life Insurance Sector of India nationalised?
Answer:- January 19, 1956