PSC Economics Questions - 001

1. The first ATM in India was opened in 1987 at .............?
Answer:- Mumbai

2. Which is India's leading sugar cane producing state?
Answer:- Uttar Pradesh###

3. The low annual growth rate of Indian economy was called as .............?
Answer:- Hindu rate of growth

4.Which country's export fueled economic growth was termed as ' Miracle of the Han River'?

Answer:- South Korea

5. Which Indian economist coined the term 'Hindu rate of growth'?
Answer:- Raj Krishnan

6. Name the Indian Finance Minister at the time of Second Phase bank nationalization in 1980?
Answer:- R.Venkataraman

7. Which is the largest commercial bank of India?
Answer:- State Bank of India

8. Which is the key index of the National Stoke Exchange of India?
Answer:- Nifty

9. Which is the major Kharif crop of India?
Answer:- Rice

10. What is the important Rabi crop?
Answer:- Wheat