SALES ASSISTANT Expected Questions - 5

101.How long Chandrayan -1 was operational?
Answer:- 312 days(Till august 28,2009)

102. What is the name of Japanese spacecraft that was plased in orbit by ISRO's PSLV C-21 on 9th September 2012?

103.Name the book of Salman Rushid which is published in 2012?
Answer:- Joseph Anton

104.Who inaugurated the Global Investors Meet-Emerging Kerala at Kochi on 12th September 2012?
Answer:-  Dr.Manmohan Singh

105. Who has been appointed as the 39th Chief Justice of India?
Answer:- Althamus Kabeer

106. Who won the prestigious Norman Borlaug Award which carries 1000 dollars cash prize?
Answer:- Adhiti Mukharji

107. How many countries participated in 2012 summer Parlympics at London?
Answer:- 165

108. Name the first country in the world to require tobaco products to be in plain packaging?
Answer:- Australia

109. Recent G-20 summit was heald in which country?
Answer:- Mexico

110. What is the autobiography of Neil Alden Armstrong?
Answer:- First Man: The Life of Neil A Armstrong

111. Defeated presidential candidate 'P.A.Sangma' will float a new tribal-centric party in Meghalaya on 24th August 2012. What is the name of the new party?
Answer:-  National Peoples Party(NPP)

112.Which is the first Agricultural Theme Park in Kerala?
Answer:- Aayakudi Agricultural Theme Park,Kottayam

113. What is the name of the elite counter-terrorist commando force of Andhra Pradesh which was inagurated by the Chief Minister N.Kiran Kumar Reddy on 13th August 2012?
Answer:- Octopus (Organisation to Counter Terrorist Operations)
114.What is the name given to India's mission to Mars in November20,2012?
Answer:- Mars Orbiter Mission

115. Who is the first ever Indian to win back-to-back individual Olympic medals?
Answer:- Sushil Kumar

116.Who was the flag bearer for India during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics 2012?
Answer:- M.C.Mary Kom

117. Which African Country plan to bid for 2024 Olympics?
Answer:- Nairobi

118. Which paramilitary force of India has recently celebrated it's golden jubilee year?
Answer:- Indo-Tibeten Border Force(ITBP)

119. In which country, the 7th meeting of the Women Speakers of Parliament on Gender Sensitive Parliaments was held?
Answer:- India

120.Who is the author of the novel 'The Casual Vacancy'?
Answer:- J.K.Rowling

121. The National Institute of Urban Affairs is located in which city?
Answer:- New Delhi

122. Which State Government has launched Annshri Yojana, under which around two lakh families will receive a monthly cash transfer of Rs.600 per month?
Answer:- Delhi

123. Who had led the controversial Operation Blue Star in Amritsar in 1984 and is recently in news because of attack on him?
Answer:- Kuldeep Singh Brar

124. Recently, who is conferred with the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award?
Answer:- Tessy Thomas

125. Who is the winner of 27th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration?
Answer:- Gulzar

126. Who is the winner of Vallathol Award 2012?
Answer:- Yusafali Kecheri

127. Who is the winner of Vayalar Ramavarma Literary Award 2012?
Answer:- Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri

128. The Prithvi-II, surface to surface missile was successfully test-fired from Odisa, What is the range of this missile?
Answer:- 350 Km

129.Name the cartoonist who was detained in Mumbai on charges of sedition?
Answer:-  Aseem Trivedi

130. Who become the world's No.1 Personal Computer(PC) maker?
Answer:- Lenovo

131. Who is elected as the new Prime Minister of Libya?
Answer:- Mustafa Abu Shagour

132.Who is recently honoured with 'ODI Cricketer of the Year' by the ICC?
Answer:- Virat Kohli

133. Who has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Ethopia after death of  Meles Zenwai?
Answer:- Haile Mariam Desalengn

134. Who is the author of the book 'India Grows at Night: A Liberal Case for A Strong State'?
Answer:- Gurcharan Das

135. Which country honoured Aung San Sun Kyi with Congressional Gold Medal?
Answer:- U.S.A

136. The Sri Lankan President has laid the foundation stone for the construction of University of Buddhist and Indic Studies in Sanchi in which state?
Answer:- Madhya Pradesh

137. Recently which country has closed it's border with Ghana?
Answer:- Ivory Coast

138. Recently which country has bannded all Pakisthani newspapers from entering the country?
Answer:- Afganisthan

139.Which city in South Africa is the host for Ninth World Hindi Conference?
Answer:- Johannesburg

140. In which Indian state, implementation of 'Bhoochetana' a mission of ICRISAT to enhance productivity of rain fed crops has shown good result?
Answer:- Karnataka

141.Recently in which state, 'Bal Jyothi' an eye screening and treatment programme has been launched for school children?
Answer:- Odisha

142.Recently which Indian State has introduced a bill to protect the Tigers?
Answer:- Arunachal Pradesh

143.What is the name of the long-range reconnaissance drone that is unveiled by Iran recently?
Answer:- Shahed 129
144. Recently, which agency has released the report - 'Green Carbon, Black Trade'?
Answer:- U.N.E.P

145.  In which state, where BSNL and ICT@School Programme of Union Government are providing Virtual Private Network(VPN) for over 4,000 schools?
Answer:- Kerala

146.Which Bollywood celebrity has been appointed as UN Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS?
Answer:- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

147.What percent of FDI has allowed by Union Cabinet in Civil Aviation Sector recently?
Answer:- 49%

148. Which company has recently launched the world's largest LEED Platinum green Hotel?
Answer:- ITC Ltd

149.Where did the 52nd National Open Athletics Championships held recently?
Answer:- Chennai

150.Which country is the host for Forth edition of the Asia Cup Football?
Answer:- Japan