SALES ASSISTANT Expected Questions - 4

76.What is the hyper product of Photosynthesis?
Answer:- Oxygen

77. What produced by ants help to move in a line?
Answer:- Pheromones

78. The scheme launched to make cities free from slum is;
Answer:- Rajiv Awas Yojana

79.Which is the Capital of the newly born country South Sudan?
Answer:- Juba

80.Who was the first women ruler in Kerala History?
Answer:- Umayamma Rani
81.One Kilo Byte = _____ bytes.
Answer:- 1024

82.The full form of UPS?
Answer:- Uninterrupted Power Supply

83.The Key which is used to move the cursor to the beginning part of the matter?
Answer:- Home

84.Who was the Commander in Chief of the Jhansi Rani Regiment of INA?
Answer:- Captain Lakshmi

85.The National Green Tribunal was launched on:
Answer:- 19 October 2011

86.Where is the Asian School of Cyber Crime?
Answer:- Pune

87.Majuli Island is situated on the river?
Answer:- Brahmaputra

88.The United States officially ended their military mission in Iraq on:
Answer:- 15 December 2011

89.Programming errors generally fall into which category?
Answer:- Syntax error/Execution error/ Logical error 

90. The retirement age of the High Court Judge is?
Answer:- 62

91.Who ha become the third Indian to make it to Time Magazine's Cover?
Answer:- Amir Khan

92.First Indain who won the Oscar Award?
Answer:- Bhanu Athayya

93. Which is the Words Largest Cinema Studio?
Answer:- Ramoji Rao Film City

94. First recipient of Cada Saheb Phalke Award?
Answer:- Devika Rani Roriche

95.The first Malayalam Cinema based on a historical story?
Answer:- Prahlada
96.Which legend of cinema passed on Christmas Day in 1977?
Answer:- Charli Chaplin

97. Kaiga Atomic Power Station is situated in?
Answer:- Karnataka

98.Which is the largest fort in Kerala?
Answer:- Bekal Fort

99. Which was India's first indegenously developed missile?
Answer:- Prithvi

100. The short cut keys used to restart a computer?
Answer:- Ctrl+Alt+Del