SALES ASSISTANT Expected Questions - 3

51. Which gas is used to produced soda water?
Answer:- Carbon Dioxide

52.What is known as the 'King of the Chemicals'?
Answer:- Sulphuric Acid

53.What is the average pH of honey?

54. Which country's official language is Hebrew?
Answer:- Israel

55. The real name of Sher Shah Suri was ....?
Answer:- Farid
56. Which countries are seperated by the 49th Parallel?
Answer:- USA-Canada   

57. Goa was liberated from the Portuguese in the year....?
Answer:- 1961 December 19 

58. Which is India's indegenous light combact aircraft?
Answer:- Tejas

59. Who was the founder of the Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan?
Answer:- K.M.Munshi 

60.In which river is India's highest waterfall Jog situated?
Answer:- Sharavathi 

61.The study of ..... is called fulminology?
Answer:- Lightning

62. Who invented electronic motor?
Answer:- Michael Faraday

63. The Home page of a website is:
Answer:- The first page

64. The program or instruction that tells the computer what to do:
Answer:- Software

65. The First computer game is .......
Answer:- Space War

66. Father of e-mail?
Answer:- Ray Tomlinson

67. Programs that multiply like viruses but spread from computer to computer are called as :
Answer:- Worms

68. Floppy disc is usually  located in ........ drive?
Answer:- A

69. India's first cyber police station was started at :
Answer:- Banglore

70. 'Google' is a :
Answer:- Search engine

71. The device for converting digital data into sound signals which can be transmitted over telephone wires.?
Answer:- modem
72. Which fundamental Right is known as 'Heart and Soul of the Constitution'?
Answer:- Right to Constitutional Remedies

73. Which was the new organisation formed by the UN General Assembly in 2010?
Answer:- UN Women

74. Who was the malayalee editor of Gandhiji's Young India?
Answer:- George Joseph

75. In which year was the French East India Company established?
Answer:- 1664