SALES ASSISTANT Expected Questions - 2

Prakash Padukone
21.The ancient system of calculation of rain and rainy season , prevailed in Kerala is known as ........
Answer:- Njattuveela

22. The Government of which country aided the Idukki Arch Dam project with long term loans and grands?
Answer:- Canada

23.Who was the first malayali to be nominated to Rajyasabha?
Answer:- Sardaar K M Panikkar

24. Who was the first Congress Chief Minister of Kerala?
Answer:- R.Shankar
25.The total land area of Kerala is....?
Answer:- 15,005 sq.miles

26.The bright yellow colour of street light is due to ?
Answer:- Sodium

27.The metal contained in clay?
Answer:- Aluminium

28.Which is the heaviest known metal?

29.The pH of blood is in the range of?
Answer:- 7.3 to 7.5

30.Who is considered as the first Foreign Traveler to India?
Answer:- Megasthanis 

31.How many U.S presidents visited India?
Answer:- 6

32. Who was the second American President to visit India?
Answer:- Richard Nixon

33.Who was regarded as the father of 'The Two Nation Theory'?
 Answer:- M.A.Jinnah

34.What is the number of commands in the Indian Navy?
Answer:- 3

35.Who is the one and only Marshal of the Indian Air force?
Answer:- Arjun Singh(2002)

36.Who is the first Indian to win All England Badminton Championship ?
Answer:- Prakash Padukone

37.Rangaswamy Cup is associated with?
Answer:- Hockey
38.Name the men's and women's champion of 2012 Wimbledon Tournament?
Answer:- Roger Federer and Serena Williams

39.Which is the medal position of India in 2012 Olympics?
Answer:- 55 (6 Medals)  

40.How many sporting event were in 2012 London Olympics?
Answer:- 302

41.Who was the caption of Indian Hockey team at London Olympics 2012?
Answer:- Bharath Chetri

42.Who was the first medal winner of India at the London 2012 Olympics?
Answer:-  Gagan Narang (Bronze ,Shooting men's 10m Air Rifle)

43.The site of Naland University is situated in which State?
Answer:- Bihar

44.The Lodge and Kirribill House are the official resident of?
Answer:- Australian Prime Minister
45. Who was elected as the US president to four times?
Answer:- Franklin D Roosevelt

46.Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan ?
Answer:- Liaquat Ali Khan

47.IC chips of Computer are usually made of?
Answer:- silicon

48.The SI unit of pressure?
Answer:- Pascal

49.Wisdom teeth normally appear in the age group of ?
Answer:- 17 - 30 years

50.The energy that travel through a telephone line is?
Answer:- Electrical Energy