SALES ASSISTANT Expected Questions - 1

CATEGORY NO:- 540/2011
EXAMINATION TIME :- 08.00 AM to 09.15 AM
Maximum Marks : 100
Duration: 1.15 Hours
Medium of Questions: English
Expected Questions
1. Which country recently joined UNSC as non-permananet member?
Answer:- Pakisthan

2. Name the freedom fighter with picture of whom Rs.5 coin would be introduced by RBI?
Answer:- Bhagath Singh

3.Which country won the Asia Cup Cricket 2012 held in Bangladesh?
Answer:- Pakisthan

4.The Constituent assembly was set up by the proposal of whom?
Answer:- Cabinet mission

5. Stone age culture appeared during which period?
Answer:- Pleistocene

6. The jurist who gave verdict in Gandhi assasination Case?
Answer:- Atmachandran Agarwal

7. National Flower of Vietnam?
Answer:- Red Lotus

8. The first bank in India?
Answer:- Bank of Hidusthan

9. The Apex Bank of industrial credit in India?
Answer:- IDBI

10.Who is the winner of Nobel Literature Prize in 2011?
Answer:- Mo Yan

11.The earth receives energy from the Sun through .........?
Answer:- Radiation


12. Name the new tax norms which will come into effect from April 1st 2012?
Answer:- GAAR(General Anti- Avoidance Rule)

13. Which Indian Classical dance form  obtained its name from a small village in Andhra Pradesh?
Answer:- Kuchipudi

14.What is the official Document name Orange Book?
Answer:- Netherlands

15.Study of joints is called?
Answer:- Arthrology

16. 'Ariyittuvaazcha' was crowning ceremony associated with?
Answer:- Zamorins

17.Who was the first Portugese Viceroy to India?
Answer:- Francesco de Almeda

18. Doordarshan started its Malayalam programs in ..............?
Answer:- January 1985

19.Who founded the Poorna Sarvajanik Sabha in 1970?
Answer:- MG Ranade

20.Name of the first general purpose electronic computer?
Answer:- UNIAC