Police Constable Expected Questions

National Defence Academy
1. The act of illegal entry with the intent to steal.
Answer:- Burglary

2. National emergency was declared for the first time in India in ?
Answer:- 1962

3. Which Article of the Constitution is related to 'Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment'?
Answer:- Article 16

4. Trial of persons who violated military law?
Answer:- Court Martial

5. A statement of the issues in a written document (a pleading) which a person is prepared to prove in court?
Answer:- Allegation

6. The offence of being disobedient or to be disrespectful of a court of law?
Answer:- Contempt of Court
7. Which writ is called the bulwark of personal freedom?
Answer:- Habeus Corpus

8. Indian Evidence Act was passed by the British Parliament in ?
Answer:- 1872

9.Which article of the Constitution is related to National Emergency?
Answer:- Article 352

10. The internal Intelligence agency of India?
Answer:- IB

11. Which article of the Constitution is related to prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, cast, sex or place of birth?
Answer:- Article 15

12. The first law Minister of Independent India?
Answer:- B.R.Ambedkar

13. Which Fundamental Right was considered to be the heart and soul of the Constitution by B.R.Ambedkar?
Answer:- Right to Constitutional Remedies

14. Which Article of the Constitution is related to the prohibition of certain rights regarding freedom of speech?
Answer:- Article 19

15. The enforcement of Directive Principles depends mainly on:
Answer:- Resources of Govt 

16. Who is the highest law officer of the Government of India?
Answer:- Attorney General

17. Which article of the Indian Constitution is related to Uniform Civil Code?
Answer:- Article 44

18. Which paramilitary force was formally known as 'Crown's Representative Police'?
Answer:- CRPF

19. The principle behind Dactylography (Finger Printing)?
Answer:- No two finger prints are identical

20. An agreement to stop war?
Answer:- Armistice

21. Name the film star who was first and only actor to be conferred with the honorary Lieutenant Colonel title by the Territorial Army?
Answer:- Mohanlal

22. Who was the first cricketer to be granted the honorary Lieutenant Colonel title by the Territorial Army?
Answer:- Kapil Dev

23. Who was the second cricketer to be awarded the honorary Lieutenant Colonel title by the Territorial Army?
Answer:- M.S.Dhoni

24. Name the ace Indian Shooter who was conferred with the honorary Lieutenant Colonel title by the Territorial Army in 2011?
Answer:- Abhinav Bindra

25.What title was conferred to Sachin Tendulkar by the Indian Air Force?
Answer:- Honorary Group Captian
26. On september 2012, who became the first Union Minister to be commissioned as a regular officer in the Territorial Army?
Answer:- Sachin Piolet

27. Who inaugurated the Ezhimala Navel Academy in 2009?
Answer:- Dr.Manmohan Singh

28. Where is Asia's largest Navel Academy INS Zamorin is situated?
Answer:- Ezhimala(Kannur)

29. Where is the National Defence Academy situated?
Answer:- Khadakwasala(Pune)

30. Who was the first Keralite to become the Defence Minister in India?
Answer:- V.K.Krishna Menon 


  • Nabha Sparsam Diptham - Indian Airforce
  • Shaano Varuna - Indian Navy
  • Vayam Rakhamah - Coast Guard
  • Duty Unto Death - Border Security Force
  • Veerta aur Vivek - Indian Military Academy
  • Sthal Wa Jal - Panjab Regiment 
  • Swadharme Nidhanam Shreyaha - Madars Regiment
  • Kafar hunu marna bhandu ramro - Gorkha Regiment
  • Veer Bhogya Vasundhara - Rajaputana Rifles
  • Sarvatra Vijay - Rajput Regiment