Company Corporation Assistant Grade Question - 6


1. Which place is the host of second International Buddhist Conclave?
ANS :- Varanasi

2. Which country has successfully test fired the nuclear capable Babur cruise missile with a range of 700 km recently?
ANS:- Pakishtan

3. In which Indian state, Asia's largest cattle fair is held annually?
ANS:- Bihar

4.Who has been appointed as the new President of Indian Newspaper Society(I.N.S)?
ANS:- K.N.Thilak Kumar

5.Who has been appointed as the new chief on IB?
ANS:- Syed Asif Ibrahim

6. First Ashoka Chakra awardee to become a two star general?
ANS:- Brigadier Cyrus Addie Pithawalla

7.Who has been appointed as the new head of 14'th Finance Commission?
ANS:- Y.V.Reedy

8. Which Indian city is the host for the 13th International Conference on 'Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons' [TRANSED] 2012?
ANS:- New Delhi

9.Which district will be declared as the first in the country having 'meaningful financial inclusion'?

10. Which company has recently  launched the world's largest LEED platinum green hotel?

11.Which state Government has declared to implement 'E-Pension System' to all pensioners who start drawing their pension on or after August1,2012?
ANS:- Hariyana

12.Who is the new VC of MG University?
ANS:- Dr.A.V.George##

13.Which is the political party formed by the former Lok Sabha Speeker P.A.Sagma?
ANS:- National People Party

14.Who is the new Miss South India 2013?
ANS:- Anusha Venkittaraman

15.Which Indian State will soon get India's largest industrial exhibition center?
ANS:- Gujarat