Company Corporation Assistant Grade Questions - 5

  • Who is the father of Indian Archaeology? 
Ans : Alexander Cunningham
  • Which weapon never used by the Indus People?
Ans : Sword
  • What is the method used to calculate the number of cows in Vedic Period?
Ans :  Ashtakarni
  • Who was the first Turkish conqueror of North India
Ans : Muhamud Ghazni

  • The author of Sangam work ' Manimekhalai' was?
Ans : Sathanar
  • The Laksham Veedu Scheme was started by?
Ans : M.N.Govindan Nair
  • The first women member in Indian Parliament from Kerala was?
Ans : Annie Maskreen
  • Ginger Research Institute is situated at?
Ans : Ambalavayal (Wayanadu)
  • Which state is known as 'The Spice Garden of India'?
Ans : Kerala
  • The first Central Cabinet Minister from Kerala was?
Ans : Dr.John Mathai
  • Which river in Kerala was known as Churni in the ancient times?
Ans : Periyar
  • The first Keralite to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha was?
Ans : Sardar K.M.Panicher
  • Who gave the mesage 'No Cast,No Religion, No God for Man?
Ans : Sahodaran Ayyappan
  • The Kurichiya Revolt was in the year?
Ans : 1812
  • Who was the author of 'Keralappazhama'?
Ans : Herman Gudert
  • Alappey was developed into a town and port by?
Ans : Raja Keshava Das
  • The pH of human blood is..........?
Ans : 7.40
  • The metal present in the haemoglobin is .......?
Ans : Iron
  • The chemical used in the blood banks to prevent blood cotting is .......?
Ans : Sodium Citrate
  • The second session of the Indian National Congress was held at ........?
Ans : Kolkata
  • In which war was Napolean defeated?
Ans :  Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815)