Gereral Knowledge 6

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  1. The national aquatic animal of India :- Ganga Dolphin
  2. The venue of World Tiger Summit 2010 was held at :-Ranthambore (Rajastan)
  3. Yaspal Committee is related to :- Education Reforms
  4. Which article of Indian Constitution ensure reservation for women in local bodies :- 243 D
  5. What percentage   of total seats are reserved for women in Local Bodies :- 50%
  6. The 13 year girl from Lucknow who delivered speech in UN Conference on Climatic Change :- Yagaratna Srivastava
  7. The news paper by the neoliterate women of UP that got UNESCO literary award :- Khabar Lahariya
  8. The Central Law Minister who got Murti Devi Award in 2009 :- Veerappa Moily (for the book 'Sriramayan Mahanivesha' )
  9. The oldest member in the 15th Lok Sabha :- Ram Sundar Das (Hajipur)
  10. The country where H1N1 was reported for the first time in 2009 :- Mexico
  11. The country that celebrate diamond jubilee of Communist rule in 2009 :- China
  12. The military alliance of western countries that celebrate 60th anniversary in 2009 :- NATO
  13. The first women to get the a Nobel Prize in Economics (2009) :- Elinour Ostrom
  14. Who was the Indian cricket team captain when it ranked first in World Test Ranking :- M.S.Dhoni
  15. The company that developed Bt Brinjal :- Monsanto Mahico Biotechonology
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