Gereral Knowledge 5

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  1. The INC split for the first time after independence in the year :- 1969
  2. In which year privileges of former Indian rulers were abolished:- 1970
  3. Who become the first Field Marshal in 1973 :- Sam Manekshaw
  4. Coal mines were nationalised in :- 1973
  5. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act was passed in :- 1973
  6. In which constituency Indira Gandhi was defeated in the 1977 Lok Sabha election :- Rae Bareli
  7. Lok Sabha expelled Indira Gandhi from the house and sentenced her to imprisonment in the year :- 1978
  8. Which political party was inagurated in 1980 :- BJP
  9. Name of the Cricket Worldcup lifted by India in 1983 :- Prudential Cup
  10. The sikh leader who was killed during the Operation Blue Star of 1984 :- Bhindranwala
  11. What was the rank of Rakesh Sharma when he became the first Indian to go to space :- Squadron leader
  12. The Sikh leader who entered into an agreement with Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 :- Harchand Singh Longowal
  13. Which rank was conferred on KM Kariappa in 1986 ? :- Field Marshal
  14. In 1986, SAARC summit was held for the first time in India, The venue eas :- Banglore
  15. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was formed in :- 1988 
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