Current Affairs (Gereral Knowledge 8)

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  1. The author of 'Unaccustommed Earth' which got Commonwealth Regional  Award :- Jhumpa Lahiri
  2. The political party of Angela Merkel , the German Chancellor :- Christian Democratic Union 
  3. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was brought into existence in :- 2009
  4. Who wrote the book  'Jinnah-India, Partition ,Independence ' :- Jaswanth Singh
  5. The National Park in Kerala that celebrated Silver jubilee(25 Years) in 2010 :- Silent Valley
  6. The equipment assosiated with Chandrayan -1 which detected the presence of water in moon :- Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M Cubic)
  7. Which honour was given by Govt of India to the actor Jayaram in 2011 :- Padma Sree
  8. International Year Of Biodiversity :- 2010
  9. The number of countries that attented the latest NAM Summit :- 118
  10. In which country is Guantanamo Bay :- Cuba
  11. The country that celebrated the Golden Jubilee(50 Years) of Revolution in 2009 :- Cuba
  12. The president of Cuba :- Raul Castro
  13. The team that won the first Women's Twenty-20 Cricket :- England
  14. The place of the former king of Nepal which was converted to a museum :- Naratyan Hiti Palace
  15. The country that celebrated 30th year of Islamic revolution in 2009 :- Iran
  16. The youngest member of 15th Lok Sabha :- Muhammad Hamdulla Sayeed (Lakshadweep)
  17. Which award was given to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who died in the encounter with the terrorists during the Mumbai Attack on 26th November 2008 :- Ashok Chakra
  18. Who was the leader of House of the 15th Lok Sabha :- Pranab Mukherjee
  19. Who formed Jan Kranthi Party in UP :- Kalayan Singh
  20. The second women to become to become leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha :- Sushama Swaraj
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